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For strongly/full/dark colored images, allow to sit out to dry for about 30 minutes or so before beginning the removal process. 

**PRO TIP**  I find it easiest to pop the sheet in the freezer (not in the bag) for about 30 seconds - one minute or so and then run it diagonally over the edge of the counter (see video) to remove. Be careful the image will feel ever so slightly damp upon removal, you do not want to lay it on your counter or anywhere else after removing it, you will want to remove and put straight onto your cake or treat or lay it on wax paper until ready to use. You may repeat this process if necessary.  



Images are printed on an actual layer of icing. The icing is held together by a backing sheet that you will remove before applying the image to your cake.

*Keep your frosting sheet in its original sealed bag until you are ready to use. They do not need refrigeration! Keep the image at room temperature, out of any light. *

Shelf life of the frosting sheet is about 12 months

IF YOUR PRINT PACKAGE IS COLD (winter time only) – Give it time to come to room temperature before handling. Cold prints are more fragile than those at room temperature. 


If you are using butter cream or any other harder frosting, the image can be placed on at your convenience, but not more than 24 hours prior to the event. Depending on how wet your frosting is the image will begin to fade with too much moisture. If you are concerned about fading, place the image on the cake within a few hours of the event.


WHITE BUTTERCREAM FROSTING is best but any type of frosting will work. Frosting must be thick (whipped cream is not recommended, only on border decorations).


Apply the Edible Prints right after icing the cake. Buttercream icings will form a thin crust about an hour after they have been applied. If Buttercream has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of water before applying the image.

Whipped Cream

Because of the high water content in whipped cream, you should apply the edible print as close to serving time as possible, a few hours ahead at most to allow for softening to cut. Any type of frosting that has very high moisture content will tend to cause bleeding. A thin coating of butter-cream can be added where the image is to be placed to help avoid bleeding/fading.

Ice Cream

If you are applying the Edible Prints to an ice cream cake iced with non-dairy whipped topping, DO NOT add any additional water. If you are applying the Edible Prints directly to ice cream, it is best to allow the ice cream to "sweat" a bit before applying the image, or mist the ice cream with milk before applying the image.

If you are working with soft-serve ice cream you will achieve better results by applying the Edible Prints while the ice cream is soft, then freezing it hard.

Frozen Cakes

Thaw slightly before icing to avoid cracking then apply the image. If decorated cake is frozen, thaw slowly, preferably in a refrigerator, uncovered, to avoid running of colors and sweating.

Royal Icing

Add a LIGHT mist of water over dried royal icing before applying an Edible Prints. It is not recommended to add to wet royal icing.

Non-Dairy Whipped Topping

DO NOT ADD extra moisture before applying the Edible Prints. Keep finished cakes refrigerated to extend shelf life, no guarantee can be made regarding timing as moisture levels differ greatly.

Rolled Fondant / Sugar Paste

Apply fondant or sugar paste as directed. Plan where you will lay the Edible Prints. Then, with a small paintbrush, apply a light brushing of plain water, but only where your image will lay and then apply your image to this area. Water outside the image area will leave a mark on your fondant. Corners and edges can be tapped down with a slightly moist, very small paintbrush.

Another method is to spread a thin layer of frosting only where your image will lay. Then immediately apply the Edible Prints.

Poured White Chocolate / Ganache / Baker's Coatings / Poured Fondants

To apply Edible Prints to any poured icings products, simply pour your icing over your product. Then apply the image while the icing is still slightly wet, but not soaking wet. Be sure to let your product set up on a flat surface so the image will not slide.


There are several ways to adorn decals to cookies. Regular icing, frosting, royal icing, or a little water will adhere the image to most cookies.

Chocolate Covered Cookies

Apply a thin film of water to the chocolate covered cookie and place the edible print on top.

Hard candy lollipops

Lightly coat the lollipop with a little water, apply the image on top.


A thin film of water, applied to the bar works well or heat the chocolate with a hair dryer for about 20 seconds. Apply the edible print on top. Chocolate is recommended for cakes or cupcakes as long as it can it's served with in 3-5 hour time frame. Don't leave your edible print overnight on top of your chocolate covered cake or cupcake or else it may fade in with the chocolate.

Colored Icing  

Colored frosting can fade your image if left overnight. For best results use your edible print the same day of the event. As an alternative you may cover the colored icing with a thin layer of white icing then apply the image. This will help prevent color penetration.  Images are best applied to light colored icing. Keep in mind that your decal is made from very thin icing, so dark colors may show through your design. In this case we would suggest putting the image on a thin piece of fondant then onto the cake.

TO APPLY –  First, simply cut out your image with sharp scissors or a exacto knife if needed.

Do not let too much water come in contact with the edible print before or after on the cake. The sheet will melt and ruin the print. A very thin thin film or fine mist only if the frosting is dry.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the image. You will need to have a plain frosted cake. Your frosting should be fresh. If your frosting becomes dry, spray a fine mist of water over the cake (NOT the image) before applying the print. If your cake’s surface is moist, DO NOT add any extra moisture. Using too much water may cause colors to run and melt your image.

Edible prints cannot be moved once applied. Plan where you will place the image, then apply the image face up onto your product. Remove your image from its backing sheet by gently placing it on a table edge or counter top with the image facing up and roll the backing sheet firmly over the edge of the table to loosen your image.

Never pull on the image itself, it can tear.

Lay the edible print sheet on top of your cake by holding ends and gently applying from the middle first, to the ends.  Gently smooth out the edible print making sure the edges are touching frosting.

If the image bubbles after application GENTLY TAP (do not rub) the image.  If you are applying edible print strips to the sides of your cake, follow the same directions. If needed, you can trim the cake decals with sharp scissors on or off the backing sheet. When applying the last strip you can trim the end to fit.

It will take about 30+ minutes the image to melt into the frosting sometimes much more depending on how much moisture is in your frosting

After application add a border or edge decoration of your choice to finish. Avoid extensive exposure to lighting. As with any food coloring, the image may fade over time.


Removal of sheets that seem to stick to backing sheet:  Pull backing sheet over the sharp edge of a tabletop a couple of times. This technique will help to pop the image off the backing sheet.

Or you can try to use a small flat spatula, business card or a butter knife and lift up the tip of the corner. After, in small strokes, slowly work the spatula into the paper and then out, just like you would with letter opener and an envelope. Use your other hand to pull plastic backing down and away from sheet. Be patient! 

If this doesn’t work, the humidity is too high. Exposure to high humidity may cause the frosting sheet to absorb moisture and stick to the baking, making them difficult to peel.

If you experience this do not try to peel the icing sheet away. It's likely to cause tearing.

Try the following:  Lay the sheet on a pan and place it in a warm dry oven at about 85 F, for about 8-10 minutes after which the image will usually peel easily from the backing sheet. Place the frosting sheet into a DRY freezer for about 30-45 seconds. In high humidity you may need to leave it in for longer, about 1-1.5 minutes. It should be removed immediately after taking it out from the freezer

Please understand there is NO single correct answer to this problem, since the climate conditions and humidity of each part of the country or even the world are different or change seasonally. 

If the edible print is too dry, lightly moisten a paper towel or small cloth and place underneath backing of icing sheet in a plastic zip-lock bag, allow to set until the sheet feels slightly moist again. 

Happy baking! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! 


Thank you again for your business! I look forward to working with you again!